risk factor for disease."

Soy milk is high in nutritional value. One eight ounce glass is the same as 4 helpings of meat
protein. With 2 pounds of soy beans, 10 liters of soy milk can be produced with this machine.
An affordable, nutritionally rich milk can be produced by using this machine.

Working with Kiwanis Clubs in Georgia, we will be producing soy milk machines in Peru to fight
malnutrition and poverty in developing communities.

Our goal with this machine is to train community leaders to use and manage the machine,
create job opportunities, encourage community development and increase the nutritional
health of the community.

June 2006, we built our first machine.  This design was in cooperation with Chesley Chambers
and his students from Rome Technical High School, Rome, Georgia. Chesley and his students
designed a machine in their shop in Rome, Georgia. Jeff took this design, modified it, and then
built a machine in a local welding shop in Lima, Peru.

Chesley and Dustin, a student from Rome Technical High School, came to Peru in June to help
demonstrate the soy milk machine. We went to three different communities for their reaction to
this machine. It was well received in all communities and everyone liked the soy milk.
Preparing for demonstration at Bethel Christian
Missionary Center in Chincha Alta, Peru
Children at La Mercedes School in
Manchay, Peru line up for their first
taste of soy milk.
Satisfied customers
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Soy Milk Project